On Now! Next performance July 17th 7:00pm

June 30th - July 31st
Artist Proof Gallery
2010F 11th Street S.E. Calgary, AB

Opening Reception and
Public Interactive Performance
July 3rd and 17th, 6:30-8:30pm

This is the first performance of Boardroom forefathers. Be prepared to be outraged. All visitors to the opening performance, and any subsequent performances, become honorary Shareholders of the Uni-Farm Corporation. Shareholder meeting pamphlets will be available for $2.00 as limited edition signed pieces of art for your collections. You will not be required to participate in the performance apart from sitting and enjoying the mayhem, but feel free to bring your cameras or video devices to film or capture the event however you like, just post it somewhere someone can find it.
Tell your friends we want to pack the Alberta Printmakers gallery. It will be no fun if we can't pack the place. Yes Yes I know its far away... carpool!
See you there!


Recent Exhibitions

Uni-Farm: Gardener Pro 2.
August - September 2008
Motivated by a distain towards industrial un-sustainability and consumer irresponsibility, My ongoing project Uni-Farm attempts to disarm self-serving incoherent corporate rhetoric. Over the course of time and crisis the Uni-Farm came to own all of the means of food production in North America, forcing farmers under their employment. Unsatisfied with its current market position, The Uni-Farm has expanded its sphere of influence far beyond the farming systems developed in Uni-Farm Labs. Based on its Opremium seed-printing system, The Uni-Farm presents Uni-Farm Gardener Pro, a domestic design software package making gardening easier for you and your family.

You can see images of the work in this show here.


Uni-Farm: About

The Uni-Farm is an ongoing project and a guiding aesthetic force to disarm a sort of government/corporate rhetoric that exists in our collective consciousness. As a fictional corporate entity the Uni-Farm can absorb rhetorical theories and subsequent artifacts under its general umbrella of incoherence. In doing so I can turn these elements into modes of criticism.

We exist in a confusing environment where we are easily persuaded to squander our freedoms for the fleeting conveniences and safety of urban bliss. This is accomplished through various scenarios which include green-washing, radical free market models, and shareholder irresponsibility.

Compounded by crisis capitalism and a contrived fear of destabilized food supplies, a generational estrangement from the family farm allowed the Uni-Farm to blackmail and monopolize the food industry apart from a few rogue activists.

This web log will be a repository for the stories and images of this dark hypothetical human condition called the Uni-Farm.

The Uni-Farm has no relation to products, services, businesses, people or properties currently existing/alive or dead. any Instance is purely coincidental. If you take any issue with the use of "Uni-Farm" not "unifarm" or "uni farm" or if you feel it encroaches/taints your business/family image please hug your grandchild and fuck off. Blogs are not your personal suing ground. This is a story and an art project here people.