Uni-Farm: Farm Shops Vol. 1 went to NewBrunswick for O.k. Quoi?!

I owe many thanks to all the people who worked hard to bring me out to Sackville N.B. for O.K. Quoi?! I had an amazing time and felt like all of this-finally had some worth outside of Calgary. Rita McKeough and Peter Flemming for curating me into the festival,  Garret Baumgartner for his tireless efforts in helping me document leading up-to the event, the Audio/Visual Services department of ACAD, Paul Henderson at Struts Gallery, Adam Tindale for the help with audio back in my undergrad, Matt and Lucy for putting me up, and of course my dear Pamella for the devotion and support.

Struts Gallery

Here are some pictures, courtesy Peter Flemming.