Uni-Farm: Episode 3 teaser

Feast the eyes.

Dates to come. Stay tuned.


3rd ACAD Film Fest Preview!

I wish I could say that you will be able to catch the latest
episode of Uni-Farm but I cannot. You will be able to see some of my other
video work screening at the Globe Cinema in Calgary. Directed by Ryan
McClure Scott, shot by yours truly, and performed by talented folks of
Sleepkit, the music video for Constantinople is a smokey ABBA'esque...
something. Just watch.

Horseclub 3rd ACAD Film Fest



My Grandma Moon


Sleepkit Music Video - Constantinople

Despite what my partner in crime Ryan Scott might say, this music was a real challenge for me. I wasn't directing which it may come as a surprise is a real challenge to not step on toes. As the edit came to the end there was much agonizing and hand wringing watching the band watch the video. They were pleased which is all that matters and I really must thank them for the opportunity. Quite the brain muscle stretch.

BEATROUTE Article Here

Video Here



Telus Storyhive Pitch

Hey folks if you want to see Uni-Farm as a web-series get voting at http://yycyeg.storyhive.com


I am bad at the internet

Welp this summer had a few opportunities for people to see Episode 2. Unfortunately I didn't make use of this handy soapbox to advertize. I'm dumb anyway big thanks go out to Truck Gallery and Shelley Ouellet's OIC Gallery formerly Carpet n' Toast Gallery. Jeremy Pavka at Truck geared us up in the middle of a park for a bike in Cinema, and Shelley Ouellet asked me if I would have a backyard screening to reopen her lovely OIC gallery to another hoard of people. I'm really feeling the calgary community love here.


Galerie Sans Nom: No Rhyme or Reason

Thanks to Terrance Houle for curating me into his traveling show No Rhyme or Reason. The show ended on the 30th of June I believe.