Uni-Farm: EP 1 Screening at the Plaza Theatre

As far as comments go, I am going to take it that the premier screening of Uni-Farm: Ep 1 Employee Misconduct has been a success. Just sitting in the audience that night and experiencing vicariously the delight of everyone present was re-affirming to say the least. It is of course a credit to all of the amazing talent both onscreen and off that it, well.. that it happened at all, most importantly my best friend Pamella Stewart. I would also like the profusely thank the very nice folks at Em/Media Production Society [Eric, Vicki, Tom, Shelly, Peter] for their financial assistance through the Bars n' tone program on this project, as well as their subsequent funders.


My video was stolen in Toronto... Yay?

An interesting piece of news today. A video, which I submitted on a whim to a project in Toronto by Suzanne Carte-Blanchenot and Su-Ying Lee called Under New Management’s Video Rental Store, was recently reported interminably missing by the creators. I am surprised I heard back at all! apparently it was taken out twice and not returned the second time. Did I just get scammed? I don't know as though I care all that much. Here are some pictures.

photos courtesy: Chris Blanchenot

Correspondence as follows received Monday, August 6th 2010

Dear Alex,

The New Management team would like to extend our appreciation to you for the donation of your work. The video rental store was received very well by the surrounding community and the artists’ videos were flying off the shelves!

As you may recall, an integral element of the video store is the opportunity for exchange. The pay-what-you-wish rental fee was meant to be a reflection of the value of the viewer’s experience watching the video. Your video was rented 2 times over the course of twelve days from August 2 – 15, 2010. Unfortunately the last renter did not return it

Attached are a couple images of the installation and an (unedited) interview with Mél Hogan of No More Potlucks (http://nomorepotlucks.org/cover) to get a better sense of the outcomes. Again thank you so much for entrusting us in this venture. We will be calling on you again for future projects, so you are not getting off that easy!

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.

For project updates, follow us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Toronto/Under-New-Management/317357654698


The New Management:

Suzanne Carte-Blanchenot & Su-Ying Lee