Desert Bus for Hope Crafter

Hey everyone it is that time again!
Desert Bus for Hope Fundraiser.

I love these folks you should check out their Live Feed the day after tomorrow!

The more you donate the more they have to keep playing the game!


Cereal Gen: Photos

Here are some Photographs of Cereal Gen taken by John Freeman.


Cereal Gen coverage on Global TV

I managed to find the one interview that happened out in Lethbridge when I was installing my part of the show. This is Scene and Heard with the local weather guy Mark Campbell.

Cereal Gen coverage by L.A. BEAT

If you like, check out this strange article on the show in Lethbridge.


University of Lethbridge: Cereal Gen

I am excited to announce that coming the 15th of September those of you who didn't get a chance to see Field Lab at the RedDeer Museum will get a chance to see it again at the University of Lethbridge Gallery. I was approached by Josephine Mills at the University a while back about putting in a show with Lyndal Osborne. This show is called Cereal Gen (Lyndal's idea I think)

This show runs from September 15th to October 24th
Opening Reception: September 15th from 4-6:00 pm


FARM Show Opening!

The opening went really well and I am getting geared up to ship the work from Red Deer to Lethbridge. I will tell you more about this a bit later, not now, but soon! But instead of just telling you all how the event went down, here are some images.

Photos taken by my dearest Pamella


Uni-Farm: Field Lab at the Reddeer Museum

Opens May 1st from 2:00 - 4:00pm at the RedDeer Museum. Everything looks amazing, and even though we are on the verge of I think the Royal Wedding and the Canadian Federal Election , I am hoping you all will be able to make it to the opening.


Upcoming Exhibitions: Red Deer Museum - The Farm Show

I have been invited to exhibit with several other artists at the Red Deer Museum, located in Red Deer Alberta. There are three shows as part of the museums summer/fall programming (seeding, growth, and harvest) The Uni-Farm will be part of the first section of programming from May 1 through June.
Get a chance to see and possibly purchase Uni-Farm: Episode 1 on DVD
along with a installation.